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dropp ensemble:
ingen tid
cat # tons020 / 7" / € 6.00 / ... read more

anla courtis:
tribute to calcium
cat # tons019 / 7" / € 6.00 /... read more

raphael smarzoch:
cat # tons018 / 7" / € 6.00 /... read more

greg davis:
cat # tons017 / 7" / € 6.00 /... read more

janek schaefer:
early electronic compositions
cat # tons016 / 7" / € 6.00 / ... read more

donna summer:
fluxus, inc.
cat # tons015 / 7" / € 6.00 / ... read more

fibo-trespo / anders gjerde:
a hoax. a scam. a phony
cat # tons014 / 7" / € 6.00 /... read more

cat # tons013 / 7" / € 6.00 / ... read more

keith fullerton whitman:
live (at the tremont theater)
cat # tons012 / 7" / € 6.00 / ... read more

oren ambarchi:
der kleine koenig
cat # tons011 / 7" / € 6.00 / ... read more

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fibo-trespo / anders gjerde:
a hoax. a scam. a phony

"Side one: Someone peels a two note riff out of an organ. Someone else plonks away on a xylophone, a disconnected stream of notes. There’s some slightly itchy synth-violin. And then these hilarious blats of BBC Radiophonic Workshop electronics. It’s all over in about six minutes. Nice. Sets the mood.
Side two: This is your more expected Fibo-trespo improv-splatter. These guys are part of that wave of Norwegian noisic goodness that Bruce Russell and co. were bigging up a couple of years back. One half of Fibo-trespo is the ‘infamous’ Kjetil D Brandsdal. You might know him from that heavy Noxagt trio who put out a record on Load (they must be hip, Lightning Bolt are on that label too.) Kjetil put out some delightful solo discs about seven years ago. His second self-released vinyl thing was something else entirely. I haven’t really kept up since. Kjetil, you out there?
Sindre Bjerga is the other half of Fibo-Trespo. He’s a sweet guy, runs the Gold Soundz label. I got a tasty little package from the guy a while back with tonnes of Fibo-Trespo discs in it.
I like their approach: it’s totally unassuming and organic, heavy when it needs to be, light when it can, they smear their instruments over the walls and floor and then mess with the guts when no-one’s looking. Like much of the Norway noise stuff it has a distinctive spirit and mood that’s peculiar to their corner of the world. Unlike someof the Norway stuff, however, it’s actually damn good. One of the Fibo-Trespo CDRs comes in a detourned Iron Maiden CD cover and if that ain’t good I don’t know what is.
Anders Gjerde runs the Humbug label who has also documented some great sounds on CDR. Including the most recent Continental Fruit title. What he’s doing here, who knows?"
(worlds of possibility / jonathon dale)